Writing to 2020

First of all, as a student, you should understand your position, your task is to study hard, improve your knowledge, broaden your horizons and enhance your ability.

Secondly, to improve the ability to discern the processing of this explosion of information, which is something you need to slowly exercise and find your way in the future. There is a lot of information and clutter, you are just surrounded by information, you have not started to actively look for the information you need, you need to have a clear goal. By categorizing the information you need and want to learn, and eliminating the other information that is not useful to you, you can start to really take advantage of the information that surrounds you.

Finally be sure to own how you are a role in this society, be clear about your value orientation, and see things through your own worldview and understanding of the world, rather than letting external things influence you per se. Have your own understanding and thinking about external things.